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April 1st 2023 

Friend and a Friendly is a latest release from Easton Everett to hit the air waves. It is the third single from his album SunDust. The music has an Indie rock radio sound with outstanding studio production.  Friend and a Friendly  looks at the notion of simply relating to each other with a benevolent tone whether we know each other or not. You can stream it here.  

Nov 10th 2022

Easton music trending on Spotify play lists 

Only For A Minute the 2nd single from the SunDust Album is trending on Spotify having been added to five curated play lists  

final Only For A Minute Girl Horizontal Blue Hi Res.jpeg

Around My Town, The 1st single from the SunDust album 

Around My Town title card master Hi Res .jpeg


Around My Town  has a sweeping groove &  swampy vibe and that drives the track into an adventurous mood. The song  looks at  the notion that while we cannot control many things that impact our daily lives, we can go outside our world view and connect with each other to create solutions for situations that locally surround us.

August 10th

Third album release for Easton Everett 

SunDust is indie rock with a hard beat and a 60s guitar feel. This is guitar-woven music with an adventurous spirit and a sweeping groove. Easton's unique singing style delivers the strength of his lyrics and his distinctive songs are memorably outside the pop mainstream.  It releases on August 20th at all outlets.

.New Folk Classical inspired Single 

Easton Everett Sundust 2022 V2.jpg
Flint & Pitch Return.jpeg

June 20th 2022 

Cinema soundscape music  folk string ensemble 

Flint & Pitch-Return is a new single for chamber folk string ensemble from American artist Easton Everett. 

The music has a European folk classical and medieval  percussion inspired feel a cinema presence and a cadence that moves across melodic lines that are  both plaintive and lyrical. 


The Music is written for for violin, double bass, nylon string guitar and early folk percussion.

This is a new re-mix of the original Flint and Pitch which features a more world beat orchestration with Indian Tabla drum percussion. 

May 2023 

Gold Record Music Artists Bring their point of view to new album 


Elliot Easton from the Cars and Phil Jones from Tom Petty have teamed up with Easton Everett on his new album now in production.  Elliott Easton plays lead guitar on two of the current tracks thus far. Phil Jones who played drums on Tom Petty's biggest hits  is producing and playing drums.  also  part of the album team is Jim Wilson.  The production is taking place at Robust Recording in Los Angeles CA. 

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