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 Easton Everett plays guitar-woven vocal & instrumental music in a neo-folk blues and world beat style with songs that are in distinctive stylistic shapes outside the pop main stream. It is music that is easy to listen to but also surprises.


Easton is currently playing sixty shows a year performing in acoustic, electric, solo and band settings. 


What people are saying 

Hal Abrams - President KEBF/KZSR

Easton Everett provides a fresh take on the Americana with his neo folk melodies and provocative vocals. His unique style includes catchy hooks & original songwriting and lyrics. A multi-talented performer with a broad knowledge of genre and chops on many instruments from trumpet to bass, Easton is a “must-see” act.


Easton Everett has four solo 

acoustic music releases on the Brilliant label. 

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Harkening is an album of  solo acoustic instrumental guitar music  with a lyrical sound that moves across traditional  American folk blues,  British folk, classical and jazz influenced acoustic

guitar music.  


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Somewhere North of Summer is a  collection of 11 original songs in the Indie folk music style. The sound is memorable with a sense of urgency. The singing is evocative and the writing is rich in song craft  with lyrics that address the forces of our times.  our times. 



Flint & Pitch is a classical inspired chamber folk instrumental for acoustic string quartet with East Indian percussion.  The music has a lush film score-like largeness  that flows through a landscape of lyrical folk melodies  and drum sounds.    

Flint & Pitch Return.jpeg

Flint & Pitch - Return is a remix  of the original version with early

 folk / Celtic percussion 

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