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Flavor Packet stirs up a lyrical and imaginative sound with their contemporary and world beat influenced jazz music with notable original songs and select jazz classics which makes for a memorable experience.

What people are saying....

     Abe Pearlstein 

       KEBF 97.3 FM Radio

“I dug everything I heard, cool arrangements. Dynamic and understated”


            Manuel Barba 

   Traffic Records,  Atascadero CA.

“One of the best jazz music outfits on the Central California Coast.  Excellent musicianship and great listener experience!


Easton Everett, leader, writer, guitarist.

Jim Stromberg -  Drums & Afro Cuban percussion  


Fred Murray -  Electric Bass 


Bruce Beck - Organ and Piano 


Rio Suave,  is the new single from Flavor Packet.  It has a contemporary straight ahead vibe and includes  notable piano and bass solo's.


Easton Everett, writer, guitar, producer

Darrell Voss, Drums,

Dylan Johnson, Acoustic Bass,

Bruce Beck - Piano 

Brad Stock- Production Engineer  Painted Sky, Cambria CA.

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