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What people are saying………

Hal Abrams - President KEBF/KZSR FM

Easton Everett provides a fresh take on the Americana with his Neo Folk melodies and provocative vocals. His unique style includes catchy hooks and original songwriting and lyrics. A multi-talented performer with a broad knowledge of genre and chops on many instruments from trumpet to bass, Easton is a “must-see” act.


Glenn Starkey - Senior Music Editor, New Times

As much as I love his instrumentals, Everett’s got a voice that grows on you. He’s got his own voice like Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Bjork or Nina Simone. He doesn't really sound like anyone else. And he is a talented lyricist.

The Easton Everett Band has its own guitar woven sound and adventurous shape  The singing is memorable and the musicianship is high quality.  


 Easton Everett is the writer, singer, guitarist and creative director. The Group has four releases on the Brilliant label. 

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Sundust  is the new album release from Easton Everett. Think guitar woven Folk Blues-Indie Rock with an adventurous spirit and sweeping groove. This is compelling music

with a rich sonic landscape, a yearning lyrical feel, high quality

musicianship and inventive studio production.   


The creative capital on Sundust is Easton Everetts clever way of writing  memorable songs outside the Pop main stream in distinctive stylistic shapes. Sundust is Easton  Everett’s fifth release on  the Brilliant Label and is set for release Q2 2022

Around My Town title card master Hi Res .jpeg

Around My Town Is the 1st single from the Easton Everett Sundust Album.  The track has  a swampy groove and guitar riff and  looks at our society and what drives peoples beliefs and while we cannot control many things that impact our daily lives, we can connect and create solutions for the situations that locally surround us.

final Only For A Minute Girl Horizontal Blue Hi Res.jpeg

Only For A Minute will be the 2nd single  off the Sundust album.  It is a highly relatable. Rock, Reggae, Power Pop hybrid music with reverse tape effects, pulsing bass and huge originality  

Oh Yeah CD cover final.png

Oh Yeah is a new track by Easton Everett. Think  indie, hard rock, post grunge.  The new release is produced by Phil Jones from Tom Petty who also

plays drums. Elliott Easton from The Cars plays lead guitar.  Easton Everett is the writer, singer and plays all other guitars and electric bass . Tracked at Robust Recording in Los Angeles CA. 

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