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Easton Everett is supporting five releases on Brilliant Recordes.  

Around My Town title card master Hi Res

Southern Power Pop 

Around My Town is the 1st single off the new Easton Everett album Sun Dust.  It has a swampy, blues vibe, memorable chorus  and sweeping groove that drives the track into an adventurous mood.


The song addresses what drives peoples beliefs and how they can  can connect and create solutions for the situations that locally surround them. 


Easton Everett - music, lyrics, vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, Fender bass

Clive Wright - Gretsch guitars &  tracking engineer   

Phil Jones -  Drums, Conga, Tamborine. Hammond B3 Organ, Telecaster guitar 

Gia Ciambotti - backing vocals

Phil Jones Producer - former Tom Petty and Roy Orbison session drummer.   

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Alternative Power Pop 


Sun Dust is the  title of the fourth coming new Easton Everett  rock album.  It's catchy guitar woven music with evocative singing

and lyrics.  

Easton Everett,  singer, writer, 

lyricist acoustic & electric guitars. 

Clive Wright , lead & feedback  guitar  

Kip Powell electric bass 

Michael De Gelder drum set.  


Recorded in Joshua Tree California  engineered & produced by  Clive Wright &  Phil Jones.

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Folk Classical 


Flint & Pitch is a  traditional & classical inspired chamber folk instrumental for acoustic string quartet with percussion. 


The sound has a lush film score-like largeness at times. The music flows through a  landscape of lyrical folk melodies and expressive rhythm.     


two versions 

A  world beat style version with Indian Tabla & frame drums 

A Neo Irish  Folk  version with  frame drum & ancient percussion. 


Recorded  In Joshua Tree Ca. at Desert Sky Recorders using Neumann U87 microphones and  produced by Clive Wright.  

Easton Everett – Writer, sound design & nylon string guitar 

Robert Furgo - Violin, formerly with Leonard Cohen

Janie Cowen - Bowed and plucked acoustic double bass 

TJ Troy - Grammy winning percussionist.  Indian tabla, frame drums, caxixl, bells and cymbals etc.  

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Neo - Traditional Solo Guitar 

Harkening is an album of solo acoustic guitar music deep in the furrows of traditional finger picked American folk, country blues and British Isles ways of playing. The feel of the music move across a  celebrative to plaintive tones. 

The recordings took place in Joshua Tree California  at Desert Sky Recorders.  The guitars played are  1966 Brazilian Rosewood Martin D35, 1966 Gibson Counytry & Western Jumbo and a Hirade H1 classical guitar.  


The sound was captured by Neumann U87 microphones.  The recording was produced & engineered by Clive Wright Esq.  

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Indie Folk,  Singer - Songwriter 

“Somewhere North of Summer” is a  collection of 11 original neo folk songs. The music has protest singer sense of urgency.  The singing is evocotive.  The writing is rich in song craft  with lyrics that address the forces of our times. 


 The recordings were made in Joshua Tree California at Desert Sky recorders produced  by celebrated British artist/producer Clive Wright using Neumann microphones and  a 1965 Mahogany and Spruce Gibson   guitar.

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