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What people are saying... 


"Ear worm worthy! Easton Everett's songwriting and music, a dynamic, unique new creative force to be reckoned with.  Easton Everett is ripe for national and international audiences."  

Abe Perlstein, Producer & Host - KEBF-FM


Easton Everett provides a fresh take on the Americana with his Neo Folk melodies and provocative vocals. His unique style includes catchy hooks and original songwriting and lyrics. A multi-talented performer with a broad knowledge of genre and chops, Easton is a “must-see” act.

Hal Abrams - President KEBF/KZSR

 “As much as I love his instrumentals Easton Everett has a voice that grows on you. He’s got his own voice Like Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Bjork or Nina Simone. He doesn't really sound like anyone else.  And he is a talented lyricist.”  

Glen Starkey. Music critic,

New Times.   

Easton Everett plays guitar-woven music that is easy to listen to but also surprises.  Composing and recording  in multiple genres he 

marches to his own beat with records out in Rock, Folk, Jazz and World Beat Styles. More bio 

He leads the rock group known as Burley Thistles who has  a new

forthcoming album.  The Burley Thistles studio band includes Elliott Easton from the Cars  playing lead guitar and Phil Jones from Tom Petty who is drumming and producing. 

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