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"Ear worm worthy! Easton Everett's songwriting and music, a dynamic, unique new creative force to be reckoned with.  Easton Everett is ripe for national and international audiences." 

                   Abe Perlstein,

     Producer & Host - KEBF-FM

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Out In The Village is the latest new single from Easton Everett.

The music has a churning groove with a trippy guitar sound played by
Elliot Easton from the Cars.  Out In The Village delivers outstanding
studio production with Phil Jones from Tom Petty drumming and

latest  album  

SunDust is the third  album from Easton Everett. Think Indie Rock with an adventurous sound and shimmering guitars  

New Jazz Music from         Easton Everett

Mile Marker  Title Card Hi Res texted.jpeg

Mile Marker is the latest jazz recording from Easton Everett and his  combo known as Flavor Packet.  The track featuring flute, trumpet and tenor saxophone  

has a lyrical tone and a west coast style.  Flavor Packet can be seen performing on the California Central Coast. 

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