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"Ear worm worthy! Easton Everett's songwriting and music, a dynamic, unique new creative force to be reckoned with.  Easton Everett is ripe for national and international audiences." 

                   Abe Perlstein,

               Producer & Host - KEBF-FM


final Only For A Minute Girl Horizontal Blue Hi Res.jpeg

Only For A Minute  is todays featured single from Easton Everett. Think  deep groove for uncertain times.

It has a kind of an urgent pop rock feel  with a kind of reggae pulse and horn line and reverse tape effects.  The storyline looks at today’s uncertain world and how people respond to tough situations in difficult times.   Only For A Minute is the 2nd single off  2022's  SunDust album. 

latest  album  

SunDust is the third  album from Easton Everett, solid beat and shimmering guitars.  More 

       New Jazz Music

     from Easton Everett

Mile Marker  Title Card Hi Res texted.jpeg

Mile Marker is the new  single  from the Jazz combo known as Flavor Packet.  The track has a lyrical story featuring flute, trumpet and tenor saxophone and is available on Brilliant records from all streaming services.  More 

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