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Easton Everett is an artist known for a guitar woven sound that spreads out across American music.   Easton comes up with an adventurous, independent sound that doesn’t stay in one place by writing in distinct stylistic shapes outside the main stream.  


A multi-instrumentalist with roots in folk, rock, jazz & country his music is both instrumental and vocal. His singing is evocative and his lyrics address the forces of our time.  He is playing shows in electric, acoustic, solo and band settings.   Easton Everett leads and writes for a few different bands.  

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 Original Americana,  Pop music including select cover hit songs.   

EE Trio- Ben Pruper, Joe Gonzalez & EE
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Original straight ahead contemporary jazz & select classics for an easy listening experience

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Original Edgy Rock  &  Power Pop music with notes of  Reggae  &  Southern Rock


What People are saying...

Hal Abrams,   President KEBF / KZSR, FM  Radio

 Easton Everett provides a fresh take on the Americana with his Neo Folk melodies and provocative vocals. His unique style includes catchy hooks and original songwriting and lyrics. A multi-talented performer with a broad knowledge of genre and chops on many instruments from trumpet to bass, Easton is a “must-see” act.


Glenn Starkey, Senior Music Editor, New Times.

As much as I love his instrumentals Easton Everett has a voice that grows on you.  He’s got his own voice Like Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Bjork or Nina Simone. He doesn't really sound like anyone else.  And he is a talented lyricist.